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We provide the following services

Bank Accounts

Goldman Investments provides customers with value and discreet, and complete advisory services for the establishment of personal and corporate bank accounts worldwide.

Goldman Investments operates as a connecting link between the customer and the bank, the process of establishing a bank account is facilitated in a way that is both quicker and less complicated.

We'll establish a bank account for you with the financial institution that best suits your requirements. Credit card payments and Internet banking are available for all bank accounts.

Property Consulting Services

We provide property investment advice to clients after careful analysis of market conditions and trends. We identify the most feasible, cost-effective approach to help clients achieve their objectives.

Assisting clients to make sound property-purchasing decisions.
Analyzing market trends and demographics to identify the most sought-after and profitable areas.
Conduct negotiations with real estate agents on behalf of clients.
Consulting with clients to identify their needs, preferences and financial concerns.
Develop strategies to increase the value of properties for clients looking to sell.
Communicating with legal counsel to prepare sale and lease documents.

Audit and Accounting

Accounting services
  • Preparation of Financial Statements under international accounting standards.
  • Statutory audits of financial statements.
  • Management reporting.
  • Management audit.
  • Due diligence services.
  • Feasibility studies.
Tax Services
  • Preparation and filing of tax declarations for corporate Income tax, VAT, and personal income tax purposes.

  • Advisory services for local tax legislation.

International tax planning services
Business management consulting services

Immigration Services

Immigration services and Visa Info for Non-EU citizens seeking to Buy Property in Cyprus.
Permanent residency visa (Property investment).
Company Registration:
  • First-Time Registration of Cyprus Companies.
  • Employment of third-country Stuff.
Temporary Permits:
  • Foreign company work Permit for Third countries.
  • Cyprus company work Permit for Third countries.
  • Visitor Permit.
  • Family Members Permit.
Domestic Workers/ Careers
Permanent residence:
  • Fast Track Permanent Residency.
  • Permanent Residency Category F.
  • Permanent Residency by the Cyprus Investment Program.
  • Permanent Residence by the employment of 5 years.
  • Permanent Residency for EU citizens.
Citizenship Application:
  • Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship by Naturalization.
  • Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship by Exemption through investment.
  • Registrations as a result of marriage to citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.
  • Obtaining Cyprus Citizenship due to Cypriot origins.