Konstantinos Charakis
Lawyer – Property Investment Legal Consultant

Konstantinos was born in Limassol. He graduated from the Department of Law School at the University of Athens in 1998. He has been a member of the Cyprus Bar Association since 1998. He holds a Journalism degree (IEK Homeros 1995).

He has collaborated in the past with two reputed law firms in Cyprus.

Since 1998, together with a team of associates in Greece, has been providing comprehensive legal services in the field of Investments, property investments, and land development.

In 2013, after a successful fifteen-year career and experience, he acknowledged the market's need for a holistic approach to Investments and land development in Greece. He successfully established and coordinated the legal team of Castproservices, an innovative and interactive team with multiple scientific specialties (all in one service) aiming to protect and secure investors’ investments and interests and achieve their business goals to the fullest, by providing legal, technical, advisory, and tax services.

In 2023, through Castproservices, he collaborates with Andreas Frangos and his law firm A. G. FRANGOS & CO LLC and Angelos Charalambous Goldman Investment, combining their forces with a common goal and understanding, of providing high-level, expanded, holistic, and innovative (step ahead) services.