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High-quality business minimizing risks grasp opportunities

Our Services

We provide the following services


Bank Accounts

Goldman Investments provides customers with value and discreet, and complete advisory services for the establishment of personal and corporate bank accounts worldwide.

Property Consulting

We provide property investment advice to clients after careful analysis of market conditions and trends. We identify the most feasible, cost-effective approach to help clients achieve their objectives.

Legal Services

Through our collaborating law firm of A. G. FRANGOS & CO LLC and its specialized lawyers we provide the following services: Corporate, Litigation, Fiduciary.

Immigration Services

Immigration services and Visa Info for Non-EU citizens seeking to Buy Property in Cyprus.

About us

Effective & Value-driven business solutions

V&A Goldman Investments Ltd is a fast-growing firm in Cyprus providing effective, value-driven business solutions.

We collaborate with a team of high-caliber professionals, well experienced and ready to provide high-quality business solutions to our clients, to assist them to minimize risk grasp opportunities and run their businesses effectively and efficiently. We aim to earn our clients’ confidence, respect, and trust.

Having our offices in Limassol, Cyprus we are in a geographical cross of three continents, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East/Asia.

Invest in Cyprus

Cyprus has established itself as an ideal destination for living and a favorable jurisdiction to do business.

Investment opportunities:
  • High ROI in the Real Estate Industry

  • Hotel and Tourism Industry

  • Shipping

  • Renewable Energy

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Why Cyprus

Attractive Factors

- Strategic geographical location
- Excellent infrastructure
- Quality, expertise, and cost of professional services offered
- Flexible and modern legislation, mainly based on the English legal system.

A new tax regime

A new tax regime has been introduced of 80% on all income derived from the sale or exploitation of Intellectual Property; this means that the effective tax on such income is now 1.25% .

Latest tax incentives for physical persons re CGT on sale of properties under special conditions, Introduction of domiciliation tax rule can avoid taxes on dividends received from worldwide investments in specific cases.